Recycling is the be all and end all of helping this planet

Recycling is the be all and end all of helping this planet

The first thing that you need to learn is that not only do you have to dispose of your material correctly but you must also buy the correct kinds of products to eliminate your waste, a quick example would be to buy your milk in recyclable plastics or to get your butter wrapped in wax paper rather than it being put inside a non recyclable plastic container.

Many people think that recycling is the be all and end all of helping this planet
As you can see not only do your disposal techniques have to change in order for the environment to get better but you also need to change your buying habits, for example, earlier mentioned was the buying of recyclable containers rather than the non recyclable ones. Granted you may end up paying a penny or two more but in the most case these products will usually cost you less to buy as the manufacturing costs of them are a lot cheaper.

Plastics are not the only thing you can look into though, for example, with food waste you would usually put it on a compost heap, however, you can not put a battery there and you can not put, or at least should not be putting your batteries in the bin. In fact with a quick search of the well known search engine Google you should be able to find companies that will actually take your batteries of you in order to dispose of them correctly.

This is also the same for old mobile phones as companies will take rather old and pathetic phones of you and may even pay you for them in order to either recycle for computer parts or to give to the elderly, as even without a sim card they can still dial the emergency number.

Also remember that those plastics you can’t seem to find a way around could still be washed out and maybe given to your local school or nursery as many play groups like to cut up egg containers and milk containers in order to make something to give their parents (that’s right your distributing the waste to others secretly). These are just a few examples of things you can do, in fact if you have children of our own then maybe you could use them in your day to day activities, lets face it playing with new things that you would normally put in the bin costs a lot less than buying your children new toys.

Lastly remember that cloths and other items that you don’t want can easily be sold in a car boot or given to charity, good luck with your recycling.

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